Information regarding perfect evolutions are urgently needed. Please redirect players with knowledge to this page.

Heroes gain the set amount of stats before evolutionary cycle. That is, it reaches its native max level attack and defense regardless of which units it has been fed. If better units are fed to the hero it will however require less units to reach this maximum.


Evolving a hero will pass on 5% of both original heroes stats to the new evolved hero. If the hero/s were at maximum level then they will pass on 10% of the original heroes stats. There are numerous paths to evolving heroes.

The quickest evolutionary path: one i hero + one i hero = one ii hero, one ii hero  + one i hero = one iii hero, one iii hero + one i hero  = one iv hero. Four heroes are required for this evolution.

The most powerful one i hero + one i hero = one ii hero (do this 4 times), one ii hero + one ii hero = one iii hero (2 times), one iii hero + one iii hero = one iv hero (once). If you level each hero first to maximum this requires 8 x i heroes to be leveled, 4 ii heroes to be leveled, 2 iii heroes to be leveled and one iv hero to be levelled. This is considered a perfect evolution if all heroes were at maximum level when evolved. Eight heroes are required for this evolution.

There are many variations to how many heroes used and how many of the heroes were levelled. It is suggested to try and at least level the iii + iv heroes to maximum to increase the final heroes stats.


Alliance acolytes and legion acolytes can be used to increase the skill level of a heroes abilities. A hero has two skill stats the first relates to the evolution level eg. Black Wings IV (3) on a Fallen Angel IV - the first will match the evolution level and will determine the amount of damage. The second relates to the % chance of the ability being used and can be levelled up to a maximum of 10 through the use of Alliance/Legion acolytes in the levelling process. Because this second stat is reset during evolving only use acolytes when levelling the final IV evolution to maximum level.