GamePlay Strategy


  • You can shake the phone on android on a map to collect everything on screen, money and hero cards without having to confirm. Can't currently turn off the confirmation otherwise like you can on ios.
  • Limited time quests and limited time guild quests along with wars offer some of the best heroes and you should make every effort to complete them.
  • You can change the settings, level toggle to display building levels for both you and your allies.
  • You get a reward of 25 gold for each ally you visit (once per day) up to a maximum of 50 allies. Any ally over the 50 you visit won't give any further rewards. This is a total of 1250 gold per day you can gain. You also gain a bonus heroe summon for the first, third, fifth and tenth ally you add.
  • If people add you as their referral, the referee will gain a bonus hero and the referrer can also gain bonus powerful summons. My referral code is 415-773-527!
  • One-click jobs enables you to kill monsters without having to confirm the hit.
  • Animation allows you to see an animation of pvp battles.